How Is Meditation Good for You?

Meditation is a practice that has its roots deeply embedded strongly in human civilization. Its origins are unknown, but it has existed before recorded history and has been promoted over time as chants, or breathing exercises, that were both rhythmic and repetitious in prehistoric religions. Among the earliest recordings of meditation were among the Hindu around 1500 BCE. Followed by the Buddhists, Taoists, and others of eastern tradition and philosophy. Eventually the naturally healing practice of meditation made its way across the world, among the Jews, and then the Europeans. Today, both traditional and modern medicine consider it an extremely beneficial exercise in human well-being and inner-harmony.

So what benefits can be expected by performing this age-old practice, almost as old as mankind itself?

Among the many benefits include the ability to increase our attention, awareness, and memory. The great news? These benefits continue well beyond we are done meditating. So if you find your brain scattered at times and unable to focus on your current project – try meditating the night before. You may be surprised by the result the next day.

Meditation is also intricately linked with anxiety relief. It allows the brain to somewhat “shut down” you could say from all of the external stimuli going on around you on a daily basis. Work meetings, College exams, negative people, and situations in your life, all seem to melt away during those precious moments of clear inner peace. Sometimes the mind needs a reboot from the various stressful situations we find ourselves in and meditation can clear the mind of cluttered, stressful thoughts, allowing more focus and creativity.

Empathy and compassion were other traits that have been found to be directly linked with meditation and the way it affects us. While we may sometimes overlook the need for external empathy towards others in favor of alleviating internal pain – such as anxiety or fear through meditation, it is also important to consider this remarkable discovery. The world could use more compassionate people who think deeply about their role in the world and how it affects others.

Sometimes it can only take a few minutes of sitting in a quiet room with no distractions and focusing on your breathing. You can also listen to relaxing and calming music while you meditate to help put you in the right mood to let all of your problems go away. That’s it!

Lastly, this article covers just a portion of what meditation can do for you and others. While many these days “know” to some degree what meditation is and that there are different methods, many do not practice it daily. Meditation for beginners can be one of the simplest activities you can do to help yourself, so begin today and continue on your journey to a better you.


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3 thoughts on “How Is Meditation Good for You?

  1. I have meditated all my life as it helped me with many ailments. Young people now are to tied of their gadgets to have time to meditate. Adroitsoul your writing is very proffesional, thank you.


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